Sikur Messenger

avtor: SIKUR

Encrypted military-grade App with unique authentication process to ensure secure communications.

SIKUR Messenger delivers user experience while keeping high-security levels. It provides to Corporations, Governments, Defense, with White Label (owned-branded), Private Cloud Azure, and License Manager all integrated on one security and encrypted application available for Windows PC, Android, and iOS.

When designing Sikur Messenger, the primary goal was to make sure that all information (in transit or at rest) belongs to the Client, and no one else. 

MAIN FEATURES: Messaging, Chat, Voice and Video calls and Documents
As a 100% cloud solution, we provide mobility, securing all peer communications no matter where they are. Sikur effectively delivers the Private Cloud exploring Azure capabilities and availability, coping with increasing requirements for compliance and information privacy regulations, like GDPR in Europe.

Information security is the practice of protecting specific information against unauthorized individuals, avoiding access, use, disclosure, modification, reading, and writing. To analyze, plan, and implement a reliable, private, and secure communication service, some basic principles - according to international standards - must comply with at least the following five security principals:

AUTHENTICATION: Sender and Receiver can be sure that is communicating with the entity with whom they wish to communicate. Trust between source and destination.
INTEGRITY: Sender and Receiver can be sure that the message received is the same as the sent one. Trust in the information authenticity; it did not suffer any change.
CONFIDENTIALITY: Sender and Receiver can be sure that only the intended party will see the message. Trust in data privacy.
AVAILABILITY: The information owner must have access to information whenever requested. Guarantee that the information will always be at hand, for legitimate use.
NON-REPUDIATION: Sender and Receiver can't deny, at any time, message exchanging, sending, and receiving.

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