Sikur ID

avtor: SIKUR

Sikur ID proposes a robust and strong authentication mechanism to increase security.

Sikur ID makes authentication passwordless, easy, and safe. Reliable authentication processes should be the foundation of any modern system. It is the front door, and the target to break. Weak identification systems, easy to bypass or crack is the primary goal for various attacks methods. Authentication systems must be robust and friendly enough not to touch users' productivity. Still, easy to integrate and manage, from the technology point of view.

MAIN FEATURES: Identity Provider, Authentication, Auditing, and Compliance, Smart Directory, Integration API, White Label. 100% cloud solution, providing credential protection to avoid credential reuse, secure and password-less authentication through the user's mobile device safe area. 

MS Azure cloud capabilities and availability support the product to deliver compliance and information privacy regulations, like GDPR in Europe and LGPD in Brazil.  

HOW WE MANAGE SECURITY? Sikur ID eliminates passwords, stopping push attacks with mobile authentication. Traditional authentication solutions rely on OTP (One Time Password) as 2FA (Second-factor Authentication) codes for protection, which has security gaps and risks. The username/password pair will be dead soon, and Sikur ID deploys passwordless and safe authentication process by using public-key encryption, started by the user mobile device. As an Identity Provider, it delivers a Smart Directory that unifies the authentication experience.

PUBLIC KEY ENCRYPTION: It deploys something unique for user authentication: its private key, eliminating phishing.

SINGLE SING-ON: A central directory for user authentication, ready for integration with security using standard protocols.

NON-REPUDIATION: Blockchain compatible, have control and compliance for user transactions, avoiding fraud.

PRIVACY: No one, but the owner, has access to the private key. There are no backdoors in the authentication; no account take over. 

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