DaIM Digitaler Auditor

โดย Indevo GmbH

DaIM Digital Auditor allows you to transfer your management system approach into the digital age.

Note - DaIM Digitaler Auditor/ Digital Auditor is an integral part of the modular DaIM solutions for management systems quality, environment, information security, occupational health and safety, energy and sustainability.

DaIM Digital auditor knows where to look to identify impending deviations that significantly impact your quality, energy performance, environmental performance or compliance at an early stage.

Testdrive - You can test all DaIM functions and modules in the preferred DaIM overall solution in the appsource!

.DaIM Digital Auditor allows you to evaluate causes of deviations in your management system in clear dashboards. This allows you to resolve future issues before they even occur. Integrated drilldown in BI allows process owners to gain deeper insights into correlations and perform 360°root cause analyses.

Specific functions in Digital Auditor

  • Let the Digital Auditor work for you in real time - Everything you do - or don't do - in your management system leaves traces. DaIM Trigger checks these digital signatures against all standard requirements and automatically initiates actions to keep your processes compliant. DaIM Digital Auditor checks the standard requirements in real time, not just for audit. The analyses are based on current data and optimally combine daily business with your standard requirements.
  • The Digital Auditor drives your management system - Interactive visualizations enable you to gain immediate insights into your management system, select specific activities and finally understand the holistic process. To do this, analyze your data continuously and independently across all modules, documents and data objects. Communicate personalized recommendations for action to your employees. Automatically receive corrective / preventive actions for impending deviations directly from the data objects.
  • The Improvement Engine learns quickly - For all findings detected by the Digital Auditor, the correct corrective/preventive actions are generated generically and distributed to the appropriate employees in the company. In DaIM, existing models are used and extended by individual algorithms. Create your own sets of rules for this purpose without programming. Setting up new corrective/preventive actions has never been easier. DaIM AI learns from the results of previous audits with each detection and effective action.

  • The Improvement Engine reduces the effort - Automate your interfaces between management system and operational units. In the continuous alignment between standard requirements and your business units, the engine independently triggers the right improvement at the right time. The Improvement Engine offers a universal approach to integrate any standard system - DaIM ® is the first true integrated management system.

  • Automatic improvement
  • Round-the-clock compliance auditing
  • Minimize audit effort
  • Drive Correction and Prevention
  • Impending deviation, Holistic audits, Cross-industry insights