Awards and Recognitions Template

โดย Microsoft Power Platform

Enable an employee awards program that facilitates nominations across the organization.

The Awards and Recognition template streamlines and automates the process of acknowledging outstanding efforts in an organization. By facilitating an engaging and efficient awards system, the app aims to encourage a positive work culture that recognizes and appreciates exceptional contributions.
Awards & Recognitions enables employees to nominate individuals & teams across the organization for organizational awards. The template enables the following use cases:
An an employee,
  • Nominate others for awards
  • View Nominations you've submitted
  • View Recognitions you've received from others
  • See spotlight of users in your organization that have received awards/recognition
As a program administrator,
  • Create Awards
  • Define assessment questions/values to support award nominations
  • Create teams (groups) that are available for team nomination
  • Define nomination periods and which Awards are available in each period
  • Review and finalize nominations
  • Localize application strings to support additional languages

More details on this solution can be found here.

Instructions on how to install can be found here.