Mozzaz Digital Health Platform for Virtual Care

โดย Mozzaz Corporation

Solutions for virtual health, telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and interactive engagement.

Mozzaz is a digital health technology company that specializes in interactive solutions for remote patient monitoring, active engagement, and virtual telehealth. Our solutions are suited for all patient populations and can handle even the most complex care programs and services. We work with healthcare organizations, payers, and providers to enhance patient experience through digital “connected-care” experiences. Mozzaz is fully HIPAA compliant, has HiTRUST certification in-progress, and has active enterprise contracts across several large health plans, MCO’s and multi-state service providers digitally engaging patients across various programs and services. 

Mozzaz has over 200 pre-built digital solution libraries based on clinically proven interventions that can be quickly utilized for an individual’s care plan. Organizations can also build their own Mozzaz libraries based on their clinical protocols, workflows, and pathways. 
  • Outbreak Management 
  • Behavioral Health 
  • Disability & Long-Term Care 
  • Foster Care 
  • Substance Use Disorder 
  • Opioid Use Disorder 
  • Chronic Disease Management 
  • Long-term Services & Support 
  • Perioperative Care 
  • Post-acute Care
  • Customized Programs