Mozzaz Remote Patient Monitoring

โดย Mozzaz Corporation

Remote patient monitoring solution for better patient outcomes.

Mozzaz Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) gives clinicians a continuous stream of patient data, allowing them to give patients better feedback on their conditions, impact behavior change, make insightful amendments to treatment plans, and intervene early and often. RPM involves collecting patient data from connected devices that are specific to a patient's condition. Mozzaz’s RPM solution includes the following, based on your needs and preferences:

  • Device Support & Data Collection: Constant collection of data from connected devices. Best-in-class devices can be supplied through Mozzaz, or directly by the practice and/or patient based on preference.
  • Patient Application: Available on any device and operating system, patients can manually enter data, view device-collected data, complete symptom tracker surveys, and view educational content on their condition.
  • Clinician Dashboards & Reports: Easy-viewing and reporting of collected patient data in a dashboard format, available for any device and operating system.
  • Billing Support: Necessary support and reports for CMS billing reimbursement.
  • Interoperability: EHR integration when needed.

Mozzaz RPM can help you and the patients you serve realize benefits like:

  • On average, $1,500 of revenue per qualified CMS patient annually
  • Improved preventative care
  • Increased patient activation & engagement
  • Increased medication & treatment adherence
  • More insightful decision making
  • Reduced readmissions
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Improved quality of care
  • Increased staff productivity