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CCTV based Video Analytics for Smart Buildings

SiteInsight will offer video analytics solutions for building management. There are a number of concerns when operating buildings, such as the safety and security of employees, as well as the security of the building. This task can be difficult, particularly when it comes to large buildings. SiteInsight removes a lot of the stress on building managers by actively detecting fire hazards, such as individuals smoking in non-smoking areas, as well as detecting intrusion, loitering and abandoned objects. Particular areas of interest tend to be elevators, corridors and car parks. This technology can count and track every vehicle that enters the building, analysing number plates to ensure that only licensed vehicles enter. It keeps track of available parking spaces in a car park, and alerts relevant personnel if it detects any suspicious activity or vehicle theft.

SiteInsight helps building managers by keeping track of every aspect of the activity in a building at all times, something that humans and ordinary CCTV cannot do.

A wide range of CCTV based video analytics for safety and surveillance. Security features offered by Graymatics include:

  • Activity: Loitering Detection, Access Control, Intrusion Detection etc.

  • Object: Abandoned object detection.

  • Person: Face recognition, People Count, Attendance Management, Clothing, Emotion etc.

  • Vehicle: Number plate, Tracking, Parking management etc.

  • COVID related: Mask detection, Social distancing violation, Thermal camera analytics etc.


  • On-premises or On-Cloud or Hybrid Cloud-to-edge deployments

  • Minimal hardware requirements and short deployment times

  • Add multiple analytics in each CCTV camera in a simple plug-and-play fashion

  • Highly scalable and robust platform

  • Continuous online learning for future-proof performance

  • Draw critical insights from detailed Dashboards

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