yayıncı: Graymatics Inc.

CCTV based Video Analytics for Smart Retail

VistaMart uses cognitive media analytics to monitor customer demographics(such as age, ethnicity, gender and even the emotions of customers). Also, it analyses the number of people who pass and enter the store, behaviour of customers and presence of staff.

A wide range of CCTV based video analytics for safety and surveillance. Security features offered by Graymatics include:

  • Activities: Identifying shoplifting, Customer Theft, Staff Theft, Measure Customer Traffic, Brand Evaluation etc.

  • Object: Expiry Product Placement.

  • Person: Sentiment Analysis, Measure Dwell Time, Frequency of Visits, Customer Profiling etc.

  • Vehicle: Number plate, Parking Management etc.

  • Covid related: Social Distancing Violation, Customer Tracking, Mask Detection etc.


  • On-premises or On-Cloud or Hybrid Cloud-to-edge deployments

  • Minimal hardware requirements and short deployment times

  • Add multiple analytics in each CCTV camera in a simple plug-and-play fashion

  • Highly scalable and robust platform

  • Continuous online learning for future-proof performance

  • Draw critical insights from detailed Dashboards

  • Better understand your clients and their requirements

  • Make improvement to your physical store in terms of promotion activities

  • Increase the security of your store and prevent losses through robbery, theft or product expiry.

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