Advanced Planning and Scheduling

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APS Module is a Finite Capacity Planning tool that plans Material and Capacity Resource simultaneous

The Advanced Planning and Scheduling system marries the Customer Orders with Supplier Schedules and Factory Capacity & Productivity. 

APS handles problems that are encountered everyday like delay from supplier, cycle time variation, material / WIP rejection, resource breakdown, labour availability, and gives the net impact of these factors on Customer Delivery Schedules. This problem is further compounded by demand from customer who could change the due date or quantity of order or suddenly give an order with a very short delivery period. So, any production plan cannot be fixed as it becomes infeasible the very next day. In such a dynamic environment, the capability to have high speed re-planning capability is of immense value.

The Module allows companies to become flexible, responsive and reliable and while keeping inventory and resource downtime low by running production plan frequently. Through APS, work orders and material requirements at the shop floor are automatically generated considering real time material and capacity constraints. The planning algorithm can be run frequently so that all the problems in factory are visible. Due to the forward visibility that the APS solution provides, preventive measures can be taken before a problem goes out of proportion.

APS is a heuristic based tool so relies on certain rules for allocation of orders onto resources.

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