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Recognize your peers instantly inside Microsoft Teams.

Celebrations, done!

Recognitions, given!

Your team, all are friends now!

Create a positive and supportive work environment with EngageWith, the ultimate rewards & recognitions platform crafted to empower everyone to give their best.

Reward and Recognize your coworkers within Microsoft Teams with just a few clicks. Build a habit of appreciation effortlessly.

Here’s how EngageWith will help you:

📣 Peer to Peer Recognition

See someone killing it in their work? Give them a virtual pat on the back with Kudos and Shoutouts to let them know they're making a difference.

🏆 Social Gratitude

Take recognitions to the next level by announcing them to the team of your choice. Share the love and show your team how much you appreciate their hard work.

🎯 Reinforce Company Values

Effortlessly see your workforce work towards a common goal. Every time you give Kudos and Shoutouts, highlight the company value executed along with their achievement. This makes it easy for you to involve those who best represent the organization's values consistently.

🔥 Incentivizable Rewards

With our Global Rewards Catalog, redeem points on your preferred platforms like Nike, Domino’s, Walmart, Apple, Dunkin Donuts, and more.

📈 Dynamic Leaderboards

Rank individuals based on appreciation sent & received. Keep your team’s engagements ticking and your motivations lively.

🎂 Birthday Bots

Never miss a coworker's birthday again! Our Birthday Bots will remind you when it's time to celebrate, so you can make sure they get the birthday bash they deserve.

🗓️ Work Anniversaries

Celebrate milestones and express gratitude. Reward and recognize your coworkers on their work anniversaries to thank them for their hardwork and dedication towards the company.

🏅 Bonus

Did you miss a celebration? No problem. As an admin, privately award a Bonus for missed celebrations. Additionally, a Bonus can be awarded for referrals, outstanding work, employee of the month, and more.

🔐 Enterprise-Grade Security

At EngageWith, we take security seriously. All your data is protected with end-to-end encryption and our class-leading security commitments include SSL, SAML, PCI, ISO, and more. Our firewall policies and constant monitoring ensure that your data is guarded without compromise.

And we’re not just stopping here! Coming soon to Microsoft is 📝 Pulse Surveys.

Create a space for your people to voice their opinion and feedback without concerns, completely anonymous with Pulse Surveys.

In short, EngageWith is your culture partner to boost morale and make appreciation the face of your company.

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