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A legally binding, secure, efficient solution for signing documents from your SharePoint workflow.

Dropbox Sign for SharePoint is a legally binding, secure, and efficient way to eSign your business agreements directly from your SharePoint workflow. Collaborate on documents, send them for eSignature, and automatically designate a SharePoint folder for signed copies to be stored in without ever leaving SharePoint.



- Minimize distractions and workarounds by bringing eSignature directly into your Sharepoint workflow, so you can access your most important documents quickly and efficiently.

- With just one click, send and sign documents digitally directly from the Dropbox Sign icon in the Microsoft ribbon in your integrated SharePoint interface.

- Access commonly-used templates directly from SharePoint and send them out for eSignature without wasting time.

- Fill out commonly used fields like name, company, dates, and more; add text boxes to your documents for added flexibility; and place signature request tags to guide your signers.

- Predetermine the signing order and workflow for documents with multiple signers.

- Create your own unique signature and initials by drawing them, uploading a picture, or selecting a style from the Dropbox Sign library.

- Automatically saved signed documents in designated SharePoint folders for efficient organization.


- Send and request eSignatures on global deals knowing your documents are protected and secure

- An admin console allows one centralized person to grant Dropbox Sign permissions to team members

- Audit trails are associated with transactions to ensure actions are tracked and time-stamped.

- Documents are protected with two levels of document encryption. Each document is encrypted using a unique key (a document encryption key or DEK), and that DEK is then encrypted using a master key that is regularly rotated


- Minimize legal risks with a faster, more efficient way to sign documents than pen-and-paper without sacrificing legality.

- Close deals digitally with legally-binding eSignatures, so you don’t have to worry about the enforceability of contracts.

Compatibility Information

- Dropbox Sign for SharePoint relies on the HelloSign service and is designed to work with Dropbox Sign Standard or Premium subscription plans. Dropbox Sign for SharePoint is intended for multiple users and does not work with Dropbox Sign Free or Essentials accounts.

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