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Qualify Lead

Create Opportunities Directly Upon Lead Qualification

Qualify Lead is an add-in component developed to address specific needs for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When qualifying a lead record, there is no longer get a dialogue asking which records to create (i.e., account and/or contact and/or opportunity). Instead, the qualification of a lead record will always result in the creation of an Opportunity.

Key Benefits:

  • One time Settings to avoid recurring pop up settings as it was in earlier versions.
  • When lead qualifies, have an option for pop up window settings.
  • Qualifies all three Account, Contact or Opportunity with option to open the form on creation and from Home Grid.
  • Notes be copied to New Account, Contact or Opportunity.
  • Notes also be copied to Existing Account, Contact or Opportunity.
  • Easy configuration and setup.
  • Tested as Microsoft Platform Ready for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 & CRM 2016.