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Activity Calendar

View, Organize & Manage your Activities Effectively

Activity Calendar for Microsoft CRM is a very useful add-on that allows CRM users across the organization to view their individual activities as well as others to effectively coordinate, cooperate and collaborate for the faster completion of tasks at hand. CRM users can navigate to a particular record entity and click on Activity Calendar to see the list of activities attached to it. Users can in turn drag and drop the activities between dates and timings for easy rescheduling.

All activities such as Appointment, Campaign Activity, Fax, Letter, Phone Call, Service Appointment can be created on the fly using Activity Calendar for any given record entity. The number of activities attached to a record entity can also be viewed on the Activity Calendar. The status of the activities can be tracked through differentiated color coding easily. Activity Calendar helps to eliminate any duplicate efforts associated with a record entity thereby ensuring optimal resource utilization.

  • Panoramic view of users and their activities
  • Avoid conflicts and manage resources deftly
  • Drag and drop activities across dates and timings
  • Differentiated color coding to track the progress of activities
  • Relationship either on 1: N relation or N: 1 relation
  • Day/Week/Month wise Calendar and Timeline Views