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Time And Billing


Track projects, resources and tasks for accurate billing.

Time and Billing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or On-Premise is a flexible enhancement that starts by allowing you to dollarize yours resources flexibly with CRM Users and Contacts. Manage their burdened-able cost and selling amounts they generate automatically. Designed for user-easy time tracking flexibly, to close the loop on all time, cost, and revenue. As your Resources time is tracked in CRM Activities to Jobs or Cases, cost and revenue accumulate. T&Bs Pre-Bill editor allows easy Account Activity line-item approval management. Completing your business cycle is Billing Generator production ease with final managed Invoice or Statement oversight.

  • Execute a set series of Activities for a single CRM Product referenced Template in order management. Real-time status of resources is available.
  • The Pre-Bill Editor allows easily managed overview of billing to clients through invoices and statements of billed time. Strong controls on an easy UI.
  • For customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, staff comments, billing notes, non-bill time in CRM Activities is collected to trigger workflows.
  • Finally performing basic accounting for billing, payments, retainers, and balances, and performing statement generation on-demand or as scheduled.