Patient/Medical Case Data Analysis and Compliance

by Alpha Analytics and Information Technology Inc

Provide an intelligent optimization platform designed for healthcare information systems.

o Algorithm:

OCR recognition technology, smart matching, one-click connection to heterogeneous data, collaborative encryption technology, and data processing

· Data conversion and integration:

support a wide range of medical data types and formats, such as medical records, test reports, and imaging data, etc., and convert the data into readable, analyzable, and storable data through OCR recognition technology to improve the quality and integrity of the data.

· Data matching and correlation:

intelligently match and connect data with one click to achieve data integration and correlation, thus providing more comprehensive and in-depth data support for medical decision-making and research. It normalizes and standardizes data processing, achieve data interoperability and scalability, and promote cross-system, cross-agency, and cross-region exchange and utilization of data.

· Data privacy and security:

utilize collaborative encryption technology to encrypt and decrypt data in a distributed manner to ensure data privacy and security, and at the same time support data sharing and collaboration to meet different data usage scenarios and needs.

Application Scenarios:

Hospitals, Research Organization, Government Departments

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