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Manage tasks and projects in SharePoint in Kanban Board view

Kanban Board Pro - a powerful task and project management tool that allows you to visualize and manage tasks using kanban board view on SharePoint pages.

Start your instant trial and create your first kanban board in 2 clicks or book a 15-minute call to get a free initial setup with our team.

With Kanban Board Pro, you can:

• Display any SharePoint lists as Kanban board on SharePoint page

• Manage tasks and sub-tasks between columns and swimlanes

• Create and use templates to kick-start your new project in less than a minute

• Combine several task lists in a single Kanban Board view

• Powerful set of task filters by assignee, a certain field value, some custom condition, or applying a configured filter.

• Color-coded tasks and condition markers

• Use swimlanes (horizontal lines that split a kanban board into sections) to regroup the view of the board by people, projects, or any field from the list.

• Add comments and discuss tasks with your team

• Add attachments, pictures, links, and tags to tasks

• Track task’s and board’s history

• Manage fields to be displayed on the task as well the card size

• Ability to aggregate data for a column with Total option (Sum or Average)

• Double click behavior on task

• Set flexible permission to the board

• Add Kanban Board as Web Part on pages or use it in Full Page Mode

• Use Image from SharePoint User Profile or from Microsoft 365

• Display board statistics as colorful charts

• SharePoint library as Kanban source, where library documents are cards on board.

• You can set WIP limits for each work stage within each Kanban board column.

• Search control allows you to show only tasks and boards matching to any entered task values (text, numbers, and symbols) that are displayed on cards.

Kanban board originated as a tool used by developers to manage the development and implementation of software. And soon it spread far beyond the IT field. Most common use cases of Kanban Board Pro today:

1. Project management: Handle any project workflow from planning to completion. Create boards for different project stages, assign tasks, set due dates and track progress.

2. Agile software development: The Kanban methodology is popular in the software development industry — it is used to visualize the process, from planning to deployment.

3. Onboarding: Streamline the onboarding process for new hires by creating buckets with different steps and move tasks between them as they are completed.

4. Recruiting: Manage the recruitment process by creating columns such as "Screening", "Interviewing", and "Offer", and move candidates between them as they progress.

5. Customer support: Track and manage support requests, ensuring that issues are resolved in a timely manner.

6. Content planning: Manage content creation and publishing schedules with columns like "Ideation", "Writing", and "Publishing", and move cards as you complete each step.

7. Document management: control deadlines for updating contracts. This is useful for teams that manage a large volume of paperwork and ensure compliance with regulations and agreements.

8. Inventory: Manage inventory workflows from procurement to sales by creating "Procurement", "Receiving", "Storage", "Fulfillment", and "Sales" buckets. You can also track inventory levels, set reorder points, and collaborate on every touchpoint.

Try Kanban Board Pro free for 30 days and experience the ultimate task and project management solution. If you need any assistance with installation or configuration, please read the documentation or contact us via email at

Your data is secure with us. Kanban Board Pro uses advanced security measures and compliance with industry standards. Check out Security FAQ for detailed information.

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