Intelligent Store - Personal Shop


Custom Interfaces with Consumer-Driven Offerings

The company offers a complete suite of intelligence tools, in the Software as a Service (SAAS) model, that can be integrated with API´s or with front end.

The Intelligent Store suite provide tools to a eficiente comunication between retail online and cutomers. This way is possible to personalize the busniness for each cliente.

Personal Shop
The Personal Shop tool allow the automation of personalized digital interfaces, based on customers behavior and semantic elements. Therefore, the buyers´ journey becomes more effective and pleasant, increasing the sales in the channels.

  • Profile reconnaissance and trends projection;
  • Content formatting and dynamical organization;
  • Automatic suggestions:
  • Recommended for you;
  • Most viewed in the last hour;
  • Who bought this also bought;
  • Who saw this also saw;
  • Buy together;
  • Greater discounts;
  • New for you;
  • Best Sellers
  • Latest navigated products;

"Provide the unique experience of navigation in your digital channels, to increase customer retention and the power of attraction to your retail.”

(This app is available only in Portuguese)

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