Product Cloud - Advanced Filters


Easy browsing due to offers enriched with standard filters

The company offers a complete suite of intelligence tools, in the Software as a Service (SAAS) model, that can be integrated with API or with front end.

The Product Cloud Suite provide tools to organize the catalogs of online retailers. It contributes to improve the customer experience in the buyers´ journey.

Advanced Filters
Easy browsing due to offers enriched with standard filters.

The Advanced Filters tool, in general, processes structured and unstructured data to extract product characteristics in its standard form. Basically, it is a more efficient way to show the digital interfaces when applied to the consumers´ mental model during the search for a specific product. The result is easier browsing for the customer, fomenting the e-commerce sales.

In short:
- Name and value standardization of product specifications.
- Flexibility to build the advanced filters structure, in line with retail strategy;
- Automatic filters suggestions;
- Integration with general plataform or specific plataform;

"Make your products´ portfolio attractive and relevant to fulfil your cutomers needs."

(This app is available only in Portuguese)

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