Intelligent Store - Semantic Search


Improve the consumer's experience with a unique semantic search technology

The company offers a complete suite of intelligence tools, in the Software as a Service (SAAS) model, that can be integrated with API´s or with front end.

The Intelligent Store suite provide tools to a eficiente comunication between retail online and cutomers. This way is possible to personalize the business for each cliente.

Semantic Search
The Semantic Search tool allow that the search process can be in according to the desire of the customer. Combining the technologies of semantics with personalization, it is possible to understand better the context and the purchase time of each potential customer, considering the linguistics terms with the characteristics of the base of available products.

In short:

  • Search assistant: complement the search parameters in line with context characteristics of intended products;
  • Autocomplete: complete the searching term in according with database available on e-commerce;
  • Spelling correction: linguistic interpretations enable to correct the terms with incorrectly writing;
  • Synonymous: the semantic interpretations enable to correlate different terms with the same meaning;
  • Personalization of Search results: in according with the user profile and the characteristics of the products offered;
  • Responsiveness to Mobile Device;
  • Dynamic loading of more products on results page;
  • Google Analytics 360 integration;
  • Product Boosting: Improvement of products positions in according to business configuration;
  • Banner display in according to key words;
  • Page redirection in according to key terms;
  • Result pages not found: enable to return a similar products page when the product is not found in the searching moment;
  • Filters browsing with relevant characteristics, allowing the users to restrict the results displayed to find the desired product.

"Improvement of the customer experience by exclusive technology of semantic Search, combined with behavioral intelligence, acting like a true Search assistant."

(This app is available only in Portuguese)

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