Yellow Messenger

avtor: Bitonic Technology Labs Private Limited

Azure - Chatbot - Yellow Messenger

Yellow Messenger is a conversational AI platform for enterprises to automate and orchestrate intelligent conversations with their users
Yellow messenger is world's largest AI powered conversational engagement platform enabling enterprises to market, acquire , service and support customers on voice and messaging.
Yellow messenger adopts Annual subscription based Business model based on the number of monthly active users interacting through the Yellow messenger Platform with the enterprises. We also charge an initial set up cost for enterprise integration and launch. Our platform integrates with leading enterprise products from SAP, Microsoft , Oracles and orchestrates multi-lingual conversations with the users on Web, Mobile, Telephony , messaging platforms and voice assistants in 55+ languages. Our target customers are large consumer facing enterprises with high customer engagement needs. Yellow messenger goes to market with leading global partners like TCS, Accenture, Infosys to reach global enterprise customers and We are also product partners with Microsoft and SAP.
.The platform also provides customizable analytics and live chat tool with warm agent hand-off. For developers, it provides built in database, API management and monitoring and deployment and regression test tools. The platform integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and can be used to build internal automation use-cases using our pre-defined templates of Enterprise Virtual Assistant (EVA). Pre-defined component templates for the targeted industries provide the fastest deployment time and faster time to ROI
Integrated Machine learning powered work flow engine to enable UI based orchestration across multiple enterprise systems
Integrated conversational analytics and conversational notifications to individualize the voice assistants to each user
World’s first multi-bot orchestrator engine to seamless interconnect multiple assistants across synergistic enterprises.
Business model based on Value generated - Sales made, User service automated.

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