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Yellow.AI is world's leading AI-powered chat and voice bot builder.

Yellow.AI is the world’s leading conversational AI platform recognised by Gartner and G2 Crowd and trusted by 500+ global enterprises. Our platform builds chatbots as AI-workers for enterprises to self-serve - customer support, sales, marketing, commerce, HR, and IT, on-demand. It enables Chat & Voice interactivity within a website, mobile app or third-party platforms which helps improve CX, save cost, increase conversions, and most importantly makes the company self serve. Our state-of-the-art technology and proprietary NLP engine have empowered the AI workers to improve first call resolution rates, increase CSAT, improve ESAT, and deliver incremental sales. Yellow Messenger’s NLP engine uses the latest natural language research techniques to solve real-world problems such as - 

  1. Lack of sufficient data 

  2. A high amount of False Positives

  3. Using multi-lingual datasets

  4. Managing and enabling self-learning 


Data-efficient NLP: Availability of structured data is an enormous challenge within any organisation. If data is available, it is still difficult to supplement as training data for chatbots given the size. Our proprietary NLP engine based on a few-shot learning model that performs better than Microsoft Luis and Google DialogFlow with 50% lesser data has solved this problem for numerous large global conglomerates.

Translation-independent Multilingual Model: Our multilingual sentence embedding based model with added specifications enables customers to train intent classification models in one language and use the same across languages (without having to rely on the translation or add more utterances per language). 

Omni-channel Automation-first Service Desk: A service desk is a key component of any customer/employee experience automation tool. Our Virtual Assistants deflect a vast majority of the incoming queries,  & are equipped to make human agents more productive, should a query be not completely deflected by the Virtual Assistant. Multi-turn NLG provides text response suggestions for agents to utilise. 

Deep Learning-based Insights Engine: We have developed a proprietary enterprise search engine based on a Transformer Model that can connect directly with a wide range of popular internal document management systems like Microsoft Sharepoint, ServiceNow, Confluence, etc. 

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